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Vacuum Filter Belts

Vocuum Filter Belts are specifically designed to separate liquids and solids on horizontal belt filter systems. These belts support the filter cloth, the filter cake and the filtrate within integrated skirts or with additional curbing. The filtrate is removed by vacuum through the grooves in the top cover and the drainage holes in the center of the belt.

Application field : Iron ore , Coal, Phosphate, Copper, Rutile, Power station ash, Lead, Zinc, Pyrite, Zircon, Tin, Silica sand, Food, Chemical etc.

  1. Curbing hot vulcanized on the base belt
  2. Max.base belt width - up to 5500 mm
  3. Belt tensile strength : 630 N/mm 800 N/mm 1000 N/mm 1250 N/mm Other tensile ratings on request Belt carcass
  4. Compound: NR,CR,SBR, EPDM,CIIR, suitable for different application field
  5. Ripple curbs, Straight curbs. There are 16 types for selection. Max. height 150 mm