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Chevron conveyor belts

DAHOO  is the first design company of the chevron conveyor belts in China. The belts exporting to Europe,North America,South America,South Africa and Australia etc. with reputation.

Integrated chevron belts is our advantage,no competitors have this new techlonogy.

  1. Profiles height :15mm,17mm,25mm,32mm
  2. Width range:500mm, 600mm,650mm,800mm,1000mm,1200mm,1400mm up to 2200mm
  3. Tensile range:400N/mm, 630N/mm,800N/mm,1000N/mm or more
  4. Belts grade: N 17, DIN Y ,DIN Z,DINX ,DINY ,OR,MOR ,DIN K, Heat resistant etc.
  5. Suitable for the transportation angle : 25°~45 °