EPC for the project of conveyor belting

DAHOO  good at the Design, Calculation and Selection, Manufacturing and Quality Management of conveyor belting etc. Our experience, new technology and know-how give the professional solution for your Belt Conveyor systems. 


For different industrial field such as Steel, Cement, Coal mining, Port, Quarry etc. The different bulk materials such as Coal, Ore, Limestone, Aggregate, Sinter ore, Clinker etc. and different application such as Cold resistant, Chemical resistant, Oil & Grease resistant, Heat resistant, Abrasion resistant, Impact resistant, Long distance transportation, high speed running etc. The transportation requirement for conveyor belting are very different, it is very important to select the suitable conveyor belts for the different bulk handling systems.


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The expert member of ISO TC41 SC3 (Conveyor Belts) and China Standard Committee of Belting ,Fire resistant Committee of China Coal Mining Safety Technology

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