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Splicing materials for conveyor belting

Conveyor belts is the key part of belt conveyors. The splicing, repairing and maintenance are important to keep the system functioning. It is hard to select correct service materials due to so many different requirements and professional field knowledge.




1. Rubber Cement for different belts's splicing :

   Cement TG 100  for Normal use textile conveyor belt's hot Splicing & Repairing .

   Cement TG 220  for High temperature resisitant Conveyor Belt's hot splicing & Repairing. 

   Cement SG 210   for Steel cord conveyor belt 's hot splicing & Repairing .

   (All cement are No toxic,unflammable and TRI Free)


2. Hot Splicing materials

    Customerized compound & size for textile conveyor belting for normal use (DIN X, DIN Y, DINW etc.)

    Special customerized compound & size for OR, MOR, OR+FR, Chemical resistant belting etc.

    Customerized compound & size for Steel cord conveyor belting.

    (The materials includes cover rubber, tie gum etc. The customer only needs to inform the specification of the belting, DAHOO will calculate, design and supply.)


    DAHOO 's professional compound design and size calculation will help you to guaranttee  

"High adhesion and same quality as belts"

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