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Cement Industry

Cement industry needs the transportation of limestone, clay and hot clinker. The transportation of limestone requires high abrasion & impact resistant conveyor belting and accessories. The transportation of clay requires high efficiency belt scraper to ensure the clean of drum and pulley, because piled clay on the drum and pulley cause serious belting damage. The transportation of hot clinker requires heat and high temperature resistant conveyor belting and accessories.
 Products Features   Standards  Range (Max.Width 2200mm) 
 ROCKMAN Conveyor Belts  High Abrasion resistant  DIN Abrasion ≤50 mm3 ST belting : ST500~ST6300 N/mm

Textile belting : 400~1600N/mm

 ROCKKING conveyor Belts High tear resistant    DIN X and impact design As above 
 APOLLO Converyor Belts 100℃,125℃  heat resistant    DIN T1 and T2 Grade  Textile belting : 400~1600N/mm
 APOLLO PLUS Converyor Belts  150℃  heat resistant    DIN T3 Grade  Textile belting : 400~1600N/mm
 APOLLO EXTRA Converyor Belts  175 ℃  heat resistant    DIN T4 Grade and EPDM Design  Textile belting : 400~1600N/mm

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